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Bolivia is world famous for its largest salt lake, the Uyuni Salt Flats. In the rainy season, it is covered with a thin layer of water and turns into a kind of mirror, reflecting low-lying clouds.

Special attention is drawn to the multi-colored lakes in which flamingos live. Did you know that flamingos live in the mountains, at 4000 meters flamingos live?

In addition, Bolivia is rich in its culture and rather unusual traditions that you can get acquainted with during your trip.

5 reasons
  • See the largest salt desert on the planet
  • Ride on the «road of death»
  • Climb into the mines of Potosi
  • Go to the Witches Market
  • go to the valley of «Salvador Dali»

Mikhail Volodin

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Package “Path of the Golden Inca” Peru & Bolivia
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