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Did you know that France is Europe’s leader by MICE infrastructure growth?

France offers excellent work environment.

The country boasts 120 congress halls, 2,000 convention centers, 15 Congress Houses with a 4,000 seating capacity each, 80 exhibition parks and over 600,000 hotel rooms. Impressive, right?

Besides, France has a well-established air and ground transportation transport including 157 airports and Europe’s longest railway network. Thus, France is one of the most attractive locations to hold events of any scale and level.

France’s distinct Art de Vivre (way of life), its rich cultural heritage and delectable gastronomy add to the quality of your business event.


5 reasons
  • Ease of access
  • Top of the line infrastructure
  • Beautiful landscapes and unique venues for hosting events
  • The world’s first tourist destination
  • Great gastronomy and world class venue

Valentina Lundina