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People all over the world consider visiting Italy in their life. Let’s have a look — why?

Everytime you come to Italy, you will explore very different flavours and cultures.

Our team has the list of the top places and activities in this magnificent country in all the regions and we promise you, it will be an unforgettable and pleasant experience both for leisure and for business travels. In Italy, business meetings acquire a special taste, thanks to its monuments and additional tourism opportunities.


5 reasons
  • Unique venues for events: castles, historic villas, monasteries, museums, even river boats and yachts
  • International event professionals see Italy as the ideal place to organise a small-sized event in total safety while incorporating authenticity, quality and sustainability
  • Great quality of food and beverage, the culture of high class celebration
  • Italy ranks 6th in the world and 5th in Europe among the main destinations for business tourism according to the ICCA
  • Italy is a very beautiful and rich in monuments country (number 1 country with the most UNESCO world heritage sites)

Valentina Lundina