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Why UAE?

The UAE is the melting pot of cultures. It is the place to discover Arabian traditions with the intersection of futuristic architecture. It is one of the most developing regions in the world. A place to be for people all over the world due to the opportunities, the unique extravagance, a variety of entertainment and great climate conditions 8 months a year.

The UAE have something for everyone: adventurers, culture seekers, families and events. The desert, mountains and warm sea provide endless opportunities for nature lovers while museums and galleries trace local traditions and showcase the latest international art. Many theme parks and attractions make it an ideal destination for the whole family and the most modern locations can make any event unique and unforgettable.

This is not an «average» destination. We are pleased to provide you with the best experiences in this destination of glamorous glittering skyscrapers and we will be happy to introduce you to the world of Arabian excellence: starting from locations for your event or leisure, accomplished by the service and high level of standards of life.


5 reasons
  • Free visa upon arrival for most nationalities
  • Great weather from October to May
  • Gigantism and excessiveness: in Dubai, you will see the tallest tower globally, the largest mall, the widest highways, the tallest stadiums, or the craziest attractions
  • One of the most developing regions in the world
  • Unique extravagance: the UAE is a kingdom of entertainment and concentration of the craziest architecture and places

Yana Sannikiva