Package Peru & Bolivia
21 days / 20 nights

“Path of the Golden Inca”

Package Peru & Bolivia
21 days/20 nights

“Path of the Golden Inca”
Day 1: Lima

Meeting at the airport of the capital of Peru, transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Lima

Today we will take a walk through the historic city, where we will get to know colonial Lima. an extraordinary architectural ensemble of the main square of Peru — Plaza deArmas, where we will see the Cathedral, the Presidential Palace and the Municipality. A little behind the Cathedral is the unique monastery of St. Francisco, whose intricate galleries will plunge any traveler into the era of the conquest of the South American continent by the Spaniards. After exploring the monastery, visit the catacombs and the Pisco Museum.

Day 3: Lima/Paracas

Early in the morning we leave Lima and go to the city of Paracas to explore the rich fauna of the island of Ballestas, where we will get acquainted with numerous species of fur seals, Humboldt penguins and various birds of the island. On the way — a view of the famous Candelabra, perfectly visible from the sea. After lunch, visit Paracas National Park. Famous for its magnificent ocean views, colorful beaches and incredibly delicious seafood cooked right in the park.

Day 4: Paracas/Cusco

Early in the morning we fly around the Nazca lines. After the flight, a story about the discovery of lines by a German archaeologist and the history of their purpose for the ancient tribes that inhabited these lands. Then transfer to the airport of Pisco and flight to the ancient Inca capital Cusco.

Day 5: Cusco

Let’s start our today’s journey with a visit to some of the most significant ruins: Saksyuyaman, Kori Kancha, Kenko, Puka Pukara, Tambo Mochai. After lunch, walk around Cusco. Visiting the main square of the city, the Square of Weapons and the Cathedral.

Day 6: Cusco/Aguas Calientes

After breakfast, against the backdrop of the rural landscape of Peru, we will set off to explore the suburbs of Cusco in a comfortable car: we will visit the Sacred Valley, Pisac, famous for its picturesque landscapes and the ruins of the ancient Incas, take a walk around Urubamba and end our today’s trip in Ollantotambo, where the sacred complex of the Incas is located, preserved in in the best shape to date. In the evening we take the train and go to Aguas Calientes. Traveling by train takes less than 2 hours.

Day 7: Aguas Calientes/Cusco

With the first rays of the sun, a comfortable bus will take us to Machu Picchu. The whole day we will explore the Lost City of the Incas, and in the evening we will go back to Cusco. The whole journey will take us about 3 hours.

Day 8: Cusco

After breakfast, visit the ancient Inca agricultural complex — Moray. This is the only place in the world where you can find round agricultural terraces, so it is often confused with a UFO landing site. We continue our way to the salt mines of Maras. In total, there are more than 3,000 salt pools for evaporating salt, which has been mined here since the time of the ancient Incas, and its bizarre form of the complex resembles milk-chocolate terraces from afar. The distance to the two complexes is very small, they are located about an hour from Cusco.

Day 9: Cusco/Puno

Leave the ancient Inca capital and drive south to the city of Puno to see the world’s highest lake at dawn! Along the way, we enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Antiplano plateau, where the snowy mountains will amaze us with their beauty throughout the journey. After arriving in Puno, a short rest and then exploring the city.

Day 10: Puno

After breakfast, we board a boat and set off on a trip to Lake Titicaca, where we will be told why Lake Titicaca was considered sacred by the Incas and why even now the locals revere it. Acquaintance with the life of the Indians of the floating islands of Uros. The leader of the village will tell us how to make an island out of reeds, as well as show us the tools with which we can do it. In the evening we returned to Puno.

Day 11: Puno/La Paz

We say goodbye to Peru for a while and move to Bolivia. After we arrive in La Paz, we will have a walk around the city. Visit to the historic center, the Church of St. Francisco, the Plaza of Arms, the Government Palace and the Witches’ Market.

Day 12: La Paz/Uyuni

After arrival, we immediately leave Uyuni heading north. We make the first stop at the cemetery of steam locomotives, then in the village of Kolchani.
Here we will get acquainted with the process of salt extraction and the life of workers. After that, we will head west across the salt flats to the island of Incahuasi. Lunch against the backdrop of the salt sea and viscacha, relatives of chinchillas, running around. A small ascent to the top of the island, from where an incomparable panorama of the salt marsh opens. After lunch, we go to the city of Bella Vista, where we will spend the night.

Day 13: Uyuni

We leave towards the southernmost point of the Altiplano, in the quinoa producing region. We enter the Chilioli Desert. Here we can see Edionda Lake with its numerous flocks of flamingos, the Andean fox, which is not at all shy about tourists and is not averse to getting to know us, as well as the Stone Tree, fantastic landscapes and natural formations. After a while we drove into the reserve «Eduardo Abaroa», to the Colorada lagoon, which is famous for its bright red water. Walk along the lake, watching numerous flocks of flamingos.

Day 14: Uyuni

Today we got up early to meet the sunrise at the geysers, where we will have breakfast. Bathing in the hot springs of Polkes. We continue our journey through surreal landscapes, as if descended from the paintings of Alvador and Dali. We arrive at the Verde lagoon, located near the border of Ch or at the foot of the volcano on Licancabur. We take pictures of the green lagoon against the background, covered with former caps, mountains. In the evening we returned to Uyuni.

Day 15: Uyuni/La Paz

Flight to La Paz. After checking into the hotel, I became acquainted with the valley of the moon, which was named by Neil Armstrong himself, who found a great similarity between the Bolivian landscape and the lunar surface.

Day 16: La Paz

Today we will visit the unique archaeological complex of Tiwanaku, which dates back to the creation long before the arrival of the Incas in the region. During the day we have to explore the Gate of the Sun, find out the purpose of the giant monoliths and the semi-underground Kalasasaya arena.

Day 17: La Paz / Punta Sal

Transfer to the airport and flight to Lima and then to the coastal town of Tumbes. Transfer to Putna Sal.

Day 18: Punta Sal

Rest on the sea.

Day 19: Punta Sal

Rest on the sea.

Day 20: Punta Sal

Rest on the sea.

Day 21: Punta Sal/Lima

Farewell to Peru and transfer to the airport.