Incredible Colombia
11 days / 10 nights

Incredible Colombia
11 days/10 nights

Day 1: Bogotá

After arrival in the capital of Colombia, we will walk through the historic district of the city — La Candelaria, we will see the presidential palace on Bolivar Square, the Museum of Gold and the museum of the famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. After getting acquainted with the historical part of the city, we will climb the mountain Montserrat, where the Madonna Church is located, offers a magnificent panorama of the city.

Day 2: Bogotá

The road north of Bogotá will lead us to the small town of Zipaquira, known for the fact that even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, local Indians mined salt in it, which was valued more than gold.

In this town, in a deep mine, the world-famous Salt Cathedral is now cut down.

Thanks to the magnificent illumination and unusual architectural form, the cathedral will make an indelible impression on you.
After lunch in a traditional Colombian restaurant, we will continue our journey to the sacred lake Guatavita. On Lake Guatavita, a ritual of the arrival of a new leader was held. The leader was smeared with clay, sprinkled with golden sand and dressed in golden «armor».

Then he went to the center of the lake with the priests to offer sacrifices to the gods. Throwing ritual objects into the lake, the new leader himself plunged into the water, giving her his golden «armor» and golden sand covering it. Return to Bogota.

Day 3: Bogota/Leticia

Our adventure in the Amazon begins in the city of Leticia, which is located at the junction of three states: Colombia, Brazil and Peru. After checking into the hotel, we will go to the other side of the Amazon by boat, to Peru, to try ceviche from the largest freshwater fish in the world — piraruca.

Day 4: Leticia

After breakfast, we will take a boat trip up the Amazon to Lake Tarapoto, where we will get to know the Macedonian Indian community. Here we will be taught the rules of survival in the Amazon jungle, and it is also here that we will make a short hike in the jungle, see local representatives of flora and fauna, and watch pink dolphins at sunset.

Day 5: Leticia/Pereira

In the morning we will visit Monkey Island, where, after a short walk through the jungle, we will be lucky enough to see an anaconda or a caiman. Then we will proceed by boat to the very heart of the selva, where wild capuchin monkeys live, who are not at all afraid of people. Curious monkeys are happy to meet tourists and will be very grateful if you grab bananas for them. Flight to the coffee region of Colombia, the city of Pereira.

Day 6: Pereira

After an hour’s drive, we will arrive in the Kokora Valley, where we will go on horseback for a hike through the valley, bordered on the sides by giant 60-meter wax palms. At the end of the trek we will arrive at a farm where you can see the different types of caliber that live in the area. Local farmers have pried miles of them for tourists.

During the walk, we observe the beautiful mountain landscapes of this region, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then visit some of the most picturesque hot springs in South America. Cold mountain waterfalls, mixed with hot water from underground springs, against the backdrop of the virgin forest landscape of Colombia, make an indelible impression on any traveler!

Day 7: Pereira/Medellin

After the flight to the “city of eternal spring”, we will visit the museum of Pablo Escobar, closed to the public, where his brother, Roberto Escobar, will hospitably meet us and answer any questions regarding his life and the life of Pablo. The only exhibits related to the life of Escobar you can see only in this museum. Then we will head north from Medellin to the picturesque village of Guatape. After lunch, ascent to the El Penyol rock, the peaks open up a stunning panorama of the area and from it it is even possible to find the house of the famous Pablo Escobar.

Day 8: Medellin/Cartagena

Flight to Cartakh. After checking into the hotel, we will get to know colonial Cartagena, the most famous city of the Caribbean coast during the Spanish rule. It was from Cartagena that galleons with gold and silver looted from all over the continent went to the coast of Spain. Visit the old city, the bastion of the fortress of San Felipe, as well as the Museum of Gold, the Museum of the Inquisition and the monastery of San Pedro Claver.

Early transfer to the city of Santa Marta. Then a motorcycle tour through the Sierra Nevada mountains, where we swim in the «blue well», visit a local brewery in the mountains, swing on a swing over the abyss and return to Santa Marta in the evening.

Day 10: Santa Marta

After breakfast we will go to one of the most beautiful parks in Colombia! Today we have a whole day to explore the Tayrone National Park, bordered on one side by the Caribbean Sea, and on the other by the steep mountains of the Sierra Nevada. A walk through the park takes a couple of hours and at the end of the path, travelers will be rewarded with magnificent virgin beaches of incredible beauty. Return to Santa Marta.

Day 11: Santa Marta/Bogota

Farewell to Colombia. Airport transfer.