MICE services


Choosing the right DMC and destination is essential for any successful event, Business way DMC is your reliable partner in logistics and administration of congresses, incentives and other meetings or special events in USA.

We offer the benefit of our extensive 15-year expertise within the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry. Our robust operational infrastructure, meticulous planning infused with creative concepts, and the delivery of high-quality services underscore our commitment to excellence. Our team is trained to the highest standards, ensure the seamless execution of your program, enabling your group to indulge in an unforgettable experience.

Group Hotel accomodations

Using our broad expertise we will help to choose the best hotel in a destination that fits the travel plans, the conference setting plans, size of the group and budget. We will arrange fast check in, welcome-drinks and help you with those endless lists of guests.

Transportation arrangements

Transportation is always the key factor in meeting the group successfully. All ground services presented by the host agency start and end with transportation. We always pay detailed attention to all quality check lists of the transportation provided. All group and single transportations are handled with VIP care! We have you covered!

Meetings space and conferences arrangement

We will help to choose the right size of the conference rooms, we will find the best available hotel with nice breakouts, great terrace for coffee-breaks and much more! We will help your business to meet all the goals in this conference!

AV & Entertainment Equipment

Again because of our great team experience in conference planning we will be happy to offer the best suitable equipment for your conference, whether it is visual sound, or something more complicated like stage and lights + international broadcasting.

Production: Video & Photo Services

This is one of the most responsible parts in the event — photo and video production. We work only with the greatest photo and video people in our destinations, we will help to arrange the necessary quality service!

Press and Media assistance

Your event needs press and media assistance and you need some help to arrange it? We have you covered, we will invite the necessary press and media professionals to your event and we’ll help to organize the PR.

Event design & decoration

Our event design and decoration team will be happy to assist you with anything simple or extremely complicated and unique. They will offer all possible ideas and concepts which can decorate your event in the most luxurious way!

Incentive tours and activities arrangement

Are you planning the trip for people who have seen everything and have done everything? Trust us this complicated task in our destinations — to find hard to find and get hard to get! We will be able to come up with some great ideas together with you that will still create great memories and experiences for these well-traveled guests. We have always been able too:)

Team buildings

We will help you to arrange the great team-building according to the company’s goals, number of participants and the level of activity desired in any of our destinations.

Event creative concept development

Often clients are requesting for the concept or main idea whether they are planning a conference, gala-dinner or an incentive trip. We can help you develop scenarios and the creative plan from A to Z taking in mind the goals of the event.

Eventing functions and entertainment program

Gala dinners are our passion! We will be happy to choose a great venue or the restaurant, arrange musicians and entertainment programs according to your taste!

Restaurant arrangements and group space and menu arrangements

Are you staying in the destination for more than 1 night? Would you prefer to dine out with your group in the restaurant outside of the hotel and try something new? We will be happy to offer you the choice of great restaurants and make all necessary group reservations.

Hospitality staff

Are you planning an event that requires a lot of help from outside? We will help to invite as many great staff as needed for any occasion.

Corporate gifts

Would you like to arrange gifts for the participants of the event at your destination, maybe something local with the taste of the great experience in this country? We will be happy to offer you the great choice of gifts that would remind the guests about this event for a long time!

Translation services and equipment

We can help to translate your event in all languages upon request and to help to arrange the equipment.

Budget management

Corporate events are always planned way ahead of time and the budget needs to be confirmed sometimes several months in advance. We have a great budgeting system that helps to provide you estimations very fast and super detailed.