Concierge services

Premium gifts arrangement

Hard to get, hard to find and he has everything — let us take care of the most amazing gifts in the world.

Hard to get table arrangement

Do you need the table somewhere in the world where the reservations need to be made several months in advance? Let us help you to make it happen.

Concert and world event tickets

We will buy any event tickets in any quantities anywhere in the world for you.

Private events planning (Birthdays, Proposals, Weddings, Honey moons)

Let our event team make the dream event happen in your life! It will be developed with love and proposed to you with a great concept!

Business assistance and networking services in the destination

If you are planning to open or buy the business you can contact us to connect you with the right people.

Medical services arrangement

We can help to arrange doctors’ appointments in any country in the world and find the best ones for the specific health issue.

Educational services arrangement

We provide the support from A to Z for any educational needs: choosing the university and educational program, private school preparing set of documents for the admission.

Immigration services consultations

We can help to arrange the meeting with the best immigration lawyers in the country to help you to understand your options for immigration and guide you through them.